AIQ ROBOTS Oxi Air Sterilizer | 4W | 160 ft²

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  • Removes 99.9% of bacteria and toxic formaldehyde from air & surfaces
  • Neutralizes unpleasant odors & leaves the scent of the sea breeze
  • Sterilization kills germs, viruses, moths, insects and mold spores
  • Energy-saving + Economical + Efficient machine
  • Compact design with built-in plug for direct wall mounting

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An Air Sterilizer is very effective in killing all microbiological organisms. Sterilization process decrease the growth of germs and viruses. Increases personal hygiene and reduces the risk of infectious or respiratory diseases.

This natural oxidizing agent, provide simultaneous treatment of the entire interior surface and air space, leaving them clean & fresh!

The device decomposes highly carcinogenic, toxic gas formaldehyde (smog component).

Compact portable machine will help you get rid of moles from the wardrobe, as well as every day to remove the smell from the toilet or after frying. In addition, it has an antistatic function!

The device with a round square shape and snow-white color, adds a stylish look to home interiors.

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Air purifier feature

Negative ions operation:

The high concentration of anions eliminates static electricity. Ionization prepares the room for sterilization.
This harmful electrical waste damages human cells, leading to longer regeneration of the body. Static electricity builds up in rooms with a large number of appliances, such as home kitchens and offices. They are also the cause of frequent breakdowns.

🌌 Ozone generator operation:

  • The feature of effective ozone disinfection is used in schools and hospitals to kill viruses and other germs, including E-Coli, Staph, H1N1, avian influenza, Norwalk, MRSA, Geobacillus stearothermophilus
  • It breaks down 99.9% of toxic formaldehyde gases and staphylococcus bacteria
  • An air cleaner in the kitchen, it is used to get rid of odors, e.g., after cooking French fries, as well as to drive away fruit flies
  • Refreshes the toilet with a feeling of sea freshness
  • Dethrones the unpleasant smell of tobacco smoke from a cigarette smoker room
  • Effectively removes moths from the wardrobe with clothes and larvae from the carpet
  • Systematic use prevents the formation of mold and fungus spores on walls and ceilings
  • Its deterrent mosquitoes, fly, insects and even rodents

Product specific

Application of the device:
Recommended area: 160 square feet/15m2
Recommended use in: Kitchen, Toilet, Bathroom, Bedroom, Home room’s, Office
Device operation modes: 3
Interchangeable filters: no filters needed
Noise level: 20dB

Ozone generator type:
Ozone production: “Hot Spark” coronal discharge method
Ozone concentration (Parts per Million): 0.046 ppm
Ozone concentration (Milligrams per Hour): 100 mg/hr
Conforms to the requirements of the California Environmental Protection Agency: true
Safety standards for household electrical appliances: GB4706.1-2005

Power supply:
Power plug type: Type A plug for US, CA, MX, JP
Extra power plug: Adapter for Type C Europlug
Power source: AC 110V-240V
Power consumption: 4W
Product contains batteries: false

One-touch Easy Tash-Switching:

  1. One click – blue LED – Negative ion mode – continuous operation until the operating mode is turned off or changed
  2. Second click – red LED – Single ozone operation mode – Releases ozone for 30 minutes and then automatically turns off
  3. Third click – red LED flashing – Cyclic ozone operations – It releases ozone for 25 minutes, stops for 10 minutes, and repeats until it turns off
  4. Fourth click – Turns off the machine

Package includes

  1. Air Sterilizer
  2. Manual instruction
  3. Product warranty card
  4. Travel power plug adapter
  5. Shipping in a secure box

Product specification






Product type

Air ioniser, Ozone generator

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