HAMA 3in1 adapters for Nano / Micro SIM cards to use them in micro / standard SIM cards

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Hama adapter for nano/micro sim/sim cards

✔️adapter for Nano/Micro SIM cards to use them in micro/standard SIM cards
✔️ to use Nano SIM cards as conventional micro SIM cards / standard SIM cards and to use Micro SIM cards as standard SIM cards; With the Micro SIM Galaxy S5 adapter, it can be used for example for Galaxy S II, although this smartphone has a standard SIM card
✔️ One card for several devices
✔️ Easy to use
✔️ secured to insert
✔️adapter “enlarges” the Nano SIM card and the Micro SIM card

What is in the box:
1 Nano/Micro SIM adapter
1 Nano/Standard SIM card adapter
1 Micro/Standard SIM adapter

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