HAMA Glass / Film screen protector Galaxy A3 A5 J1 J5 J7 ACE 2 3 4

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One display protector – three functions: display protection, integrated blue light filter, antibacterial surface.

– Integrated blue light filter protects the eyes against the harmful radiation of LED and LCD screens
– a display material with antibacterial surfaces makes the screen prohibited to bacteria and viruses
– High-Quality material gives precision and comfort of use. Trouble -free movement, knocking and ringing
– an additional housing, is an effective barrier against fingerprints, scratches and damage
– Easy-on set for self-assembly

You buy a dyded protector and 100% tailored to the Samsung smartphone
Galaxy A5
Galaxy A3
Galaxy J7
Galaxy J5
Galaxy J1
Galaxy Ace G525
Galaxy Ace 2
Galaxy Ace 3
Galaxy Ace 4

Anti-blue light filter:
To use the smartphone without a loss of health
If your eyes itch and burn in the evenings, this is a sign that too much blue light has reached the retina. Blue light means stress for the eyes and also for the body: too much blue light inhibits the production of melatonin, our sleep hormone. In addition to eye irritation, the effects include sleep disorders, which in turn may have far -reaching effects on health. To allow you to look at the display without fear of the harmful effects of blue light, we have developed a glass display protector with an integrated blue light filter. This blue light filter maintains a normal color glow and display expressiveness.

Antibacterial coating
Sliding, knocking and phone without fear
The toilet boards are often cleaner than our smartphone displays that carry bacteria, viruses and fungal spores. The smartphone is constantly in our hand. Take, for example, shopping: we grab a shop cart, and then use a smartphone, touch the face – a catastrophe in the season of colds and flu. You can constantly wash and disinfect your hands and display. You can also make it easier for yourself thanks to our glass display protector with an antimicrobial surface. Highly effective silver ions are built into the glass surface. These silver molecules inhibit the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. Smartphone display without germs – lower risk of infection!

Match your model and choose your protection Type?
1. Tempered glass will perfectly adapt to your Galaxy screen and protect it from damage. High glass hardness will ensure excellent resistance to cracks and scratches.
The glass shield is particularly recommended if you do not use the cover or if you only use the housing, the “back”, “pusher”.
2. TPU foil is ultra -transparent and transmits a clean image. The small thickness of the object will make the sensitivity and transparency of the screen unchanged.
Recommended use in pair with a closed case. With its slenderness it goes with the device and the case.

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