Xavax bags for vacuum cleaner XA02MMV + filter 4 pcs

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Xavax bags for XA02 mmv vacuum cleaner bags + filter 4 pcs
Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to vacuum, knowing that dust and dirt go to a resistant, ultrasonic vacuum bag that can be thrown when it is full? You just dusted your home and once again the bag cracked, spreading dust particles everywhere around
⭐ Your home is as dirty as when you started vacuuming and a simple task of vacuuming has become a burdensome duty
⭐ Xavax A 02 vacuuming bags provided by Hama Premium High-Tech can help prevent this frustrating moments and make vacuuming become extremely easy thanks to reliable, durable and very sealed bag that can be thrown after use
⭐ Without a mess, and in return in a beautiful clean house made of micro multivls material, the bags are particularly suited to the vacuum cleaner and are easy to put on and remove
⭐ The set is great because it has a total of five bags and the universal filter is fantastically designed, so you can cut it so that it matches your individual vacuum cleaner, ensuring the best impressions when using it
⭐ These bags are designed so that they fit not only with one or two different vacuum cleaners, but to a wide range, including Bomann vacuuming bags with size B 52, size Clatronics S S B 98, size Hoover H 55, Size Progress P 56, P 67 / s, size Severin S B 9022, Size Taurus 948.603, 948.623, size Schott S T 31 E C, Size Chromex C H 960, C H 283, C H 284, C H 285, size De Sina 1090641 and size Silva T B 13
⭐ It is also suitable for various vacuuming bags of A F K, Alaska, Arc en Ciel, Bestron, Blue Air, BOOSTY, CONDEL, DILE, DIRT DIVIL, DOMO STAR, ECON, E-MATIC, E-Maric, EFBE (SCHOTT), ELVITA , El Star, E u p, Eurel, Express, Fagor, Ferm, Ferrari, F and F, Flama, Fuda, Gemex, Gercmatic, Hit Campany, H U P, ID E LINE, IMETEC, I T O, KAISUI, Calorik, Laser, Lervia, Letron, Lloyds , Maxum, M P M, M- TEC, NEVIR, O B H, PRIMERA, PRIVIEN, PROTECH, QUIGG

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