Air Surface Cleaner, sterilizer + freshener, antibacterial, antistatic, wall, 200sqft 15m2

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AIQ Robots xD01 Air purifier 2in1 Ozone generator with ionizer.

⭐ Sterilizes air by removing microorganisms: germs, bacteria, pathogenic viruses and poisonous gases, e.g. formaldehyde, which also occurs in smog
⭐ Eliminates unpleasant odors and refreshes the room, leave the feeling of a seaside breeze
⭐ Designed for space up to 15m² (small room, kitchen, toilet, bathroom, bedroom, office, medical offices, beauty salons)
⭐ Energy -saving and efficient machine, only needS4W – does not require replacement of filters!
⭐ Modern and compact design with a folding Plug – for installation directly on the wall

Function description:
1. Ozone generator (O3):
– eliminates unpleasant odors, e.g. after using the toilet, in the kitchen after frying, cigarette smoke, etc.
– The device effectively scares mole from the wardrobe with clothes, even kills mites living in the carpet and bedding.
– stops mold growth, mushroom on the wall
– effectively removes insects, pests, moths, fruit flies, flies, mosquitoes and all insects.
– Ozone sterilization spreads 99% of the air microorganisms – including viruses, bacteria and toxic gases.
2. Negative ion generator (anions) – ionizer:
It neutralizes electrostatic charges that accumulate in places where electrical devices work, e.g. kitchen, office, … Static energy is harmful electrical waste – they damage human cells, leading to longer regeneration of the body. They cause frequent equipment failures by short circuits and discharges that they cause!

– air purifier AIQ robots xD01
– User manual
– Warranty Card
– Safe cardboard box – fits as a fashionable gift.
– FREE: Network Plug adapter (from USA/Japanese to euro) – with which the device works all over the world.

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Weight 0.62 lbs
Dimensions 6.3 × 5.91 × 2.36 in


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