HAMA HTMC SPECIAL 12 ml optical lensing liquid

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Clean optical equipment such as cameras, like a professional
⭐ Quick wiping of dust and traces with a cloth threatens with scratches that can seriously deteriorate the quality of photos
⭐ Thanks to specialist cleaning, everything remains clean, and most importantly without scratches.
✔️ For removing thick and small particles of dirt from optical surfaces, for gentle wet cleaning
✔️ The highest quality cleaning liquid without blurring
✔️ Pump spray

Is a dirty lens or screen a feature of the camera?
There can be nothing worse when you try to take pictures of beautiful, fantastic creatures and objects or try to capture these valuable family moments so that the lens or screen is covered with thick dust or nasty mugs, traces and fingerprints. This can significantly affect the ability to see what you take a photo, and can also have an adverse effect on the functionality and life of the camera.
With this in mind, you need to make sure you keep the camera / camera clean, and Hama only has a product to do it with Optic HTMC Cleaning Set.
Leave the camera lenses, screen and more free and shiny smears!
The Hama Optic H T M C cleaning set eliminates static cloths that can leave ugly and problematic blurring that ruin the quality of photos.
⭐ It is enough to use the cleaning liquid, follow the contours of the lens and easily remove any large dirt, dirt or dust molecules, even in hard to reach places
⭐ The fluid is available in a 12 ml spray, thanks to which this set compatible with use at least 30 times.

Keep your camera clean and get High-Quality clean lenses today thanks to the fantastic OPTIC H T M C cleaning set from Hama!

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