Hama adapter board for Sony NP-BG1 charger

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Hama adapter board for Sony NP-BG1 charger

In combination with the “Delta Base” charger and the appropriate adapter plate, each battery can be charged in a quick, easy and safe way.

The battery fits perfectly with the charging coating, which ensures accurate charging for Sony Cybershot d S c- H10, D S C- H20, D S c- H3, D S C- H50, D S C- H55, D S C- H70, D S C- H90 , D S c- H x10v, d S C- H x20V, D S C- H X30V, D S C- H X5V, D S C- H X7V, D S C- H X9V, D S C-N1, D S C- N2, D S C- T100, D S C- T20, D S C-T25, D S C- W100, D S C- W110, D S C- W115, D S C- W120, D S C- W130, D S C- W150, D S C- W170, D S C- W200, D S C- W210, D S C- W215, D S C- W220, D S C- W230, D S C- W270, D S C- W275, D S C- W290, D S C- W30, D S C- W300, D S C- W35, D S C- W40, D S C- W50, D S C- W55, D S C- W70, D S C- W80, D S C- W85, D S C- W90, D S C- W X1, D S C- W X10, High, High Definition R- G W55V E, High Definition R- G W77 +

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