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Air Sterilizer — to kill coronavirus

Sterilization refers to a process that kills more than 99% of life forms in a sterilized room. Kills microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungal spores, mites or moths present on a specific surface, object or in the air. Sterilization can be accomplished by a variety of methods, including heat, chemicals, radiation, high pressure, and filtration. Some methods, such as chemical trioxygen O3, also have a deodorizing effect. They do not act as air fresheners that add fragrance to the air. But they leave a feeling of freshness, a smell reminiscent of the air after a thunderstorm.

The AOS Air Sterilizer is a powerful sterilizing device that uses active oxygen species to neutralize odors and leave the smell of the sea breeze. It is 99.9% effective in killing bacteria and viruses and breaks down 99% of toxic formaldehyde. The device also helps to get rid of insects, moths, flies, etc., and has an additional anti-static function for better sterilization. The compact design with built-in plug allows for direct wall mounting. The device is filter-free and energy-saving, with a travel plug included. It features ozone sterilization, ionization, air freshener, timer control, automatic shut off, energy saving mode, ultra-quiet operation, foldable plug, and travel adapter included. The device has a coverage zone of 215 ft2 (20 m2), and can be used in family rooms, home offices, kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, toilets, small rooms, wardrobes, garages, hotel rooms, medical offices, dental offices and beauty salons. It comes in negative ions generator and ozone generator forms.

AIQ ROBOTS Air & Surface Sterilizer — disinfectant device

Unlike passive air purifiers, equipped with a HEPA filter that captures particles in the air circulator, the air sterilizer has the ability to actively act on microorganisms floating in the air of an enclosed space.
Sneezing or coughing produces a pathogenic aerosol that cannot be neutralized with filtered air purifiers because air circulators cannot clean all the air in a room at once. Air circulators clean a fraction of the volume of a room per unit of time and discharge the cleaned air back into the room, resulting in a gradual purification of the air. On the other hand, fanless air sanitizers that are maintained at a sufficient concentration in an unventilated room provide simultaneous cleaning of the entire volume of the air space in the room. They are quieter and more energy efficient, but are unable to remove particles, including allergens and decomposing organisms.

Air purifiers and air sterilizers are therefore complementary solutions to improve the quality of the air in the rooms we breathe.

Machine features

The sanitizer releases an sterilant that destroys microorganisms such as E-Coli, Staph, Mold, H1N1, Avian Flu, Norwalk, MRSA and odors
  1. Ozone Generator – machine produces Ozone from oxygen as a result of electrical corona discharges and the action of high-energy electromagnetic radiation.
    • Ozone sterilization of air and surfaces is used to kill viruses including coronaviruses, H1N1, noroviruses, avian flu and reduce the growth of pathogenic bacteria such as E-Coli, MRSA, Staphylococcus, Geobacillus stearothermophilus and other germs
    • It breaks down more than 99% of carcinogenic formaldehyde, which is a component of smog and a toxic by-product in the production of many everyday things
    • An air cleaner in the kitchen, it is used to get rid of odors, e.g., after cooking French fries, as well as to drive away fruit flies
    • Refreshes the toilet with a feeling of sea freshness
    • Dethrones the unpleasant smell of tobacco smoke from a cigarette smoker room
    • Effectively removes moths from the wardrobe with clothes and larvae from the carpet
    • Systematic use prevents the formation of mold and fungus spores on walls and ceilings
    • Its deterrent mosquitoes, fly, insects and even rodents
  2. Negative Ion Generator – by high voltage module.
    The high concentration of anions eliminates static electricity.
    This harmful electrical waste damages human cells, leading to longer regeneration of the body. Static electricity builds up in rooms with a large number of appliances, such as home kitchens and offices. They are also the cause of frequent breakdowns.
Testing Institution – Guangdong Detection Center of Microbiology (http://english.gdim.cn)
Report No.2018FM06096R03EReport No.2018FM06096R04E
Verification Code31062958Verification Code58196203
Test Standard and MethodGB 21551.3-2010Test Standard and MethodRead directly from thye instrument
Spec and Lot No of SampleNB0-XD01Spec and Lot No of SampleNB0-XD01
Test Completion Date2018-07-06Test Completion Date2018-07-06
Item TestedOzone concentration (tested at 5cm away from its air outlet)Item TestedConcentration of Anion (The distance from the outlet is 5cm)
Test Result2.02Test Result2.8×10(7) [2.8*100000]
RemarkTested at 5cm away from its air outletRemarkThe dstance from the outlet is 5cm
Report No.2018FM06096R02EReport No.2018FM06096R01E
Verification Code35084961Verification Code10653428
Test Standard and MethodRefer to QB/T 2761-2006Test Standard and MethodTechnical Standard for Disinfection (2002 Ministry of Health P.R.China)-2.1.3
Spec and Lot No of SampleNB0-XD01Spec and Lot No of SampleNB0-XD01
Test Completion Date2018-07-03Test Completion Date2018-07-06
Item TestedFormaldehyde removal rateItem TestedDisinfection efficiency for air
Test pollutantsFormaldehydeAction time(hr)0 (CK)
Action time(hr)24hThe tested organismStaphylococcus alba 8032
ResultSerial Number1 | 2 | 3
The initial concentration (mg/m3)1.24The number of Bacteria in the air (cfu/m3)2.6×10(6) | 2.5×10(6) | 2.4×10(6)
The concentration of test cabin (mg/m3)0.01Reduce rate (%)
Removal rate (%)99.2Action time(hr)2h
The tested organismStaphylococcus alba 8032
Serial Number1 | 2 | 3
The number of Bacteria in the air (cfu/m3)<9.1×10(2) | <9.1×10(2) | <9.1×10(2)
Reduce rate (%)>99.91 | >99.90 | >99.91
RemarkThe sample was placed in a 1.5m3 test cabin to start the ozone function to test the removal rateRemark1. Method description: In a 1m3 test cabinet, start the submitted sample and long press the open key to start the ozone function, keep it run for 2h, then collect the air with the flow of 11L/min by pump liquid aerosol sample. The sampling time of air is 2 minutes.
2. Killing rate test has been eliminated the influance of natural death of microorganisms in the air.
The tests were carried out by an independent international microbiological center.

Below is a full documentation of the tests carried out on the machine.

Disinfection efficient for air – CLICK to open PDF file

Formaldehyde removal rate – CLICK to open PDF file

Ozone concentration – CLICK to open PDF file

Concentration of Anion – CLICK to open PDF file

Operation Instructions

  1. This device is equipped with a folding plug, it can be connected directly to the electrical outlet. When the device is not in use, the plug can be folded back.
  2. Negative ion mode: while the power is connected, press the on-off button to start up the device, then it enters into negative ion working state, blue LED is on.
  3. Single ozone + negative ion mode: based on status 2, press the on-off button again to start up the single ozone and negative ion mode, red LED is on. Under this mode, the device release ozone for 30 mins, and then automatically shut down.
  4. Continuous ozone + negative ion mode: based on status 3, press the on-off button again, the device enters continuous ozone and negative ion mode, red LED is on. Under this mode, ozone function works intermittently, after every 25-minute operation period, it stops for 10 minutes and keeps the cycle going.
  5. Shortly press the on-off key to turn off the device while the machine is under continuous ozone and negative ion mode.


  1. During the ozone sterilization process and within 30 minutes after the ozone is turned off, it is strictly forbidden to stay in the room or space where the machine is located, otherwise it may cause physical harm.
  2. The user must strictly abide by above article 1, the company does not assume any responsibility for any personal or animal injury caused by the user’s incorrect use of the machine.
  3. After using this machine for ozone sterilization or formaldehyde re-moval, ozone can be decomposed into oxygen by itself without residue.
  4. When plugging and unplugging the power plug, please ensure that your hands are dry. Do not use wet hands to operate the machine to avoid the risk of electric shock.
  5. While working in a damp environment such as bathroom or kitchen. please be sure not to spray water on the machine to prevent damaging the machine.
  6. The machine is equipped with negative ion high voltage module. Non professionals should not disassemble or repair it by themselves. If necessary, please contact us for maintenance.
  7. The machine generates negative ion during the operation procedure. The negative ion has strong ability to adsorb and sedimentation dust Therefore, after using for a period of time, black dust may accumulate around the device. Please clean up in time.
  8. This unit is designed for wide voltage and can be directly used in most countries around the world.

Warranty Policy

  1. Our company offers one year warranty starting from the purchase date.
  2. In case any quality issue, we can maintain it at any our company’s service network appointed by our company with purchase invoice and this warranty card.
  3. The following conditions are not in the scope of free repair service:
  4. Damage by man-made causes (such as drop, crash, misplacement in the corrosive environment etc.);
  5. Damage by irresistible reasons (such as earthquake, fire, flood and some other natural disasters);
  6. Damage caused by maintenance technician who are not assigned by the company;
  7. Damage caused by violation of operating requirements noted in user manual;
  8. Fail to provide product warranty card or purchasing invoice.
  9. Out of warranty period.


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