• Best Universal Screen Protector for Smartphone

    Best Universal Screen Protector for Smartphone

    The TERMINATOR among display glass! High-end complete protection: If a smartphone falls on stairs, stone floors or tiles, then the display is normally the first casualty. Instead of looking at a crystal-clear touchscreen, you see something like a spider’s web. Be on the safe side! With a glass display protector, scratches or even cracks on the sensitive smartphone screen are a thing of the past. Thanks to the extremely strong hardness level, your smartphone gets the highest protection. If you want your smartphone to serve you longer without you having to handle it with kid gloves, you will get robust and durable protection with this protective glass.

  • Small Camera “Hardcase”

    Small Camera “Hardcase”

    Compact camera hard cases allow easy and safe transport of your compact digital camera. They come in a variety of colours, shapes and materials to suit every requirement. But there is one feature common to all models: A soft case interior to ensure the camera is always well protected from scratches and impacts.

  • „AOS” Air Sterilizer

    „AOS” Air Sterilizer

    The „AOS” Air Sterilizer is a powerful disinfectant device that uses active oxygen species to neutralize odors and leave the smell of the sea breeze. It is 99.9% effective in killing bacteria and viruses and breaks down 99% of toxic formaldehyde. The device also helps to get rid of insects, moths, flies, etc., and has an additional anti-static function for better sterilization. The compact design with built-in plug allows for direct wall mounting. The device is filter-free and energy-saving, with a travel plug included.


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